What We Do

Technical & Financial Support

Technical Assistance

The Gold Ridge RCD provides technical assistance to landowners, farmers, ranchers, and other land managers throughout our district. Working with an array of partners, we provide planning, design, permitting, construction oversight, and monitoring services for a range of resource protection and conservation practices including sediment reduction/erosion control, water conservation and rainwater catchment, water quality protection, groundwater recharge, habitat enhancement, flood management, and nutrient management. Grant funding may be available to allow us to provide these services at little or no cost; we are also available to assist on a fee-for-service basis.

Our planning efforts are coordinated through LandSmart®, a regional collaborative program that helps land managers meet their natural resource management goals while supporting productive lands and thriving streams.

Comprehensive LandSmart plans are prepared with you and are geared to meet your needs. They describe the natural and agricultural resources of your property, document the practices that you use to protect natural resources, identify opportunities to maintain or improve the quality of natural resources on your property, and prioritize management practices according to your needs, goals, and timelines. Contact RCD staff if you are interested in having a LandSmart plan developed for your property.

Financial Support

The Gold Ridge RCD can provide financial assistance to landowners and land managers in addressing resource needs through grant-funded programs, which include a diverse range of conservation measures such as water conservation, water quality protection, erosion control, instream and riparian habitat enhancement, and comprehensive conservation planning. We continually strive to expand programs throughout our district, but as the RCD is almost exclusively grant funded, our ability to assist landowners financially is contingent on existing grants. Please contact RCD staff to determine how we can best assist you. Even if we don’t currently have a funding source to address a particular concern, we can offer technical assistance, or facilitate relationships with other entities that can help, such as the programs listed below. Additionally, we tailor our grant writing to meet landowner demand, and can work to incorporate your needs into future programs.

Projects that have a direct benefit to the landowner beyond resource conservation, such as road upgrades or water tank installations, may have a cost share requirement, stipulating landowners contribute a small percentage of the project cost. This contribution could entail cash, in-kind, labor, materials, or other means. Landowner cost share is project-specific, so please contact staff for more information.

The Gold Ridge RCD partners with numerous other agencies and organizations to maximize financial support available to our landowners and land managers. We can assist in helping you navigate opportunities through a number of programs, including:Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP) provided by the CA Department of Food and Agriculture.

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