District Watershed

Estero Americano

Valley Ford area of Estero Americano

The Estero Americano is primarily an agricultural watershed with very little development. It is home to the Estero Americano wetlands, which is at the heart of the Pacific Flyway for migrating birds. Hundreds of shore and wetland bird species use the wetland. The Estero is what is called a “drowned river valley,” inundated by a rising sea level, and it continues to be an important buffer to the Sonoma Coast. The Estero is used recreationally by kayakers and is a haven for birdwatchers. It is home to numerous dairies, cattle, goat and hog ranches.

Natural Resource Conservation Efforts

In an effort to enhance water quantity throughout the watershed for people and wildlife, Gold Ridge RCD has worked with the Estero Americano community to develop alternative water sources and water storage. To enhance the quality of water, landowners in collaboration with the RCD worked to reduce sediment and nutrient pollutants from entering waterways, increase the vegetation of riparian corridors, and exclude livestock from waterways. Constructing water storage systems, repairing erosive gullies, creating nutrient management plans, installing livestock fencing and livestock wet crossings are projects the RCD has achieved through the ambition of the local landowners.

Watershed Programs

Water Quality Reports

Watershed Sediment Reduction Project: Quarterly Water Quality Monitoring Reports





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