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Salmon Creek Watershed drains 35 square miles with 35.9 miles of blue line streams. Its headwaters are to the west and south of the town of Occidental, and it drains directly to the Pacific Ocean, just north of Bodega Head. Its major land use is agriculture (dairies and pasture land). Salmon Creek is home to a diversity of wildlife. Of these, coho salmon, steelhead trout, red legged frog, Northern spotted owl, and California freshwater shrimp are threatened or endangered species. Because of its geology, it is a naturally water-scarce watershed.

Natural Resource Conservation Efforts

Gold Ridge RCD has coordinated with the Salmon Creek community to build rainwater catchment and storage systems and enhance salmonid habitat throughout the tributaries and mainstem.

The Gold Ridge RCD is currently seeking agricultural landowners within the Estero Americano & Salmon Creek Watersheds who are interested in water security/storage. The drought impacts us all and we’d like to see if we
can help. We currently have grant funds available to assist landowners in developing engineered designs for rainwater catchment, off‐channel water storage, and water conserva􀆟on projects. We are also developing grant funding proposals for future projects, and we are interested in hearing your needs. For more information or to express interest, please contact William Hart at or (707) 823-5244.

Instream habitat restoration projects such as installing large wood debris have been successful in Tannery, Nolan, and Thurston Creeks. Learn more.

Large scale water conservation for agricultural water reliability were completed at the Westview Jersey Dairy and Gilardi Ranch. These projects change the time of or replace stream diversions by providing storage for hundreds of thousands of gallons of stream and/or rainwater. Learn more.

Small-scale rainwater storage systems were built for emergency and residential water use in and around the town of Bodega in the second phase of the Save Our Salmon program. Learn more.

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